Bahamian seascape of mountains, sea, and rocks in tones of blue and teal
“Bahamian Seascape”, 12×9″, acrylic on panel by Annie Dash Studios


~ Islands are nature’s masterpieces, where land and sea meet in perfect harmony ~


I was captivated by the trip photos shared by my in-laws of the cruise that they embarked on with our two oldest sons!
Inspired by the beauty of the Bahamian islands, I created this work, which I’m proud to share.


This piece was created in a series of layers, starting with burnt sienna and ultramarine blue, and then adding tones of cobalt blue, cobalt turquoise light, dioxazine purple, and permanent sap green, among others. I use glazing techniques to build depth. Here is a photo collage of the stages this painting underwent before it became a final piece: 

Bahamian seascape work in progress series

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