Watercolor painting of mare and foal
“Mare and Foal”, 9×12″ watercolor on paper by Annie Dash Studios, based on a photograph taken by Dianna Williams of Thunder Basin Equines and used with permission.

This piece is dedicated in loving memory to Janet Dickens, beloved mother of Dianna Williams, who always encouraged and inspired me with her kindness, love, hospitality, and graciousness. I was blessed to know Janet and think of her often. We also remember at this time Bravo, the beautiful stallion father of Echo, who passed before Echo’s birth. They both will live forever in our hearts and are dearly missed.

Few things are sweeter than a new life brought into this world, and when I saw this beautiful photo of the newborn foal Echo and her mother Genevieve, I was enchanted by the precious moment captured by my good friend, Dianna Dickens Williams, of Thunder Basin Equines, who is a wonderful artist, photographer, costume designer, leatherworker, and incredible creative soul.

Genevieve had a long and difficult birth with baby Echo and many of us followed the updates with relief when Dianna shared that she was there to assist in Echo’s birth and that the veterinarian arrived just in time — that both Echo and Genevieve were doing well and enjoying their first moments together.

I truly loved creating  this work and capturing the maternal-child bond of these graceful horses. The piece is watercolor on Arches paper, with many layers of Winsor and Newton paint (see the image below for the work-in-progress photos). It was truly a privilege to paint this piece.

I encourage you to follow Dianna’s remarkable work on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy, and her website.

Work in progress photos of mare and foal watercolor painting

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