Watercolor painting of Dr. Huey red rose by Annie Dash Studios

“Rose”, 9×12″, watercolor on paper by Annie Dash Studios

The beauty of flowers never ceases to inspire me, and I’ve been captivated by these beautiful roses lining our front walkway since we moved in several years ago. One morning, I photographed this Dr. Huey rose bloom:

photo of red Dr. Huey rose by Annie Dash Studios

“Rose”, photograph by Annie Dash

Inspired to continue my floral portrait series that began with “Magnolia“, a watercolor piece in a similar style and format, I created a new watercolor painting from this photograph (both shown above). As with “Magnolia”, I chose not to play on the extreme contrast between the deep green background and the flower, but instead focused on the beauty of the blossom and the essence of the greenery in the background.

My husband loved the works together so much that he asked to hang them in our front sitting room, along with my Autumn Harvest watercolor piece, and here are the three painting together in our home. I love how much beauty and elegance they add to the room, and my children have all commented on how much they enjoy them too. Here is a photo of the three paintings together:

I plan to continue this series with several more watercolor floral portraits coming in the future and look forward to adding them to the other walls of this room. I hope you enjoy them too!

Have a peaceful and relaxing day, friends!